Monthly Archives: November 2011


Perhaps it is time to outline the purpose I have in mind for Film Entropy.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my experiences in the film industry while exploring the intersection of art, science and philosophy. Cool, right?

I’ve been working through some new ideas lately and gearing up to write a new feature-length screenplay. Sometimes the uncertainty involved in such a task approaches disillusionment. The questions that feed this uncertainty can be specific, but the most daunting are often general: Is this idea good? Is this thought compelling? Is this story interesting? Am I good at my craft? What is the meaning of life? The pattern can become a sort of spiral that takes the writer on a journey from evaluation of the task at hand to that of existence itself. We must navigate these waters alone.

In such times, the key is perspective. The first three minutes of the film, Contact, offer just that, presented in a compelling opening sequence that frames earth in the context of space-time and takes the viewer on a journey from noise to silence.

A mind compelled by the vastness is a mind poised to create.


When the Time Comes

I recently wrapped on a shoot for a 3D network. One morning on set, a character featured on the show offered me a concise character analysis of myself, something to the effect of “I can see you’re quiet, but when the time comes…” With a knowing glance, the thought ended. Everyone laughed at the dramatic ellipse, and I enjoyed the notion of emanating that particular energy.

I am an independent writer/producer/director who frequently jumps above and below the line, from creative to crew.

One day I hold the slate, another day it bears my name. Some days both.

The contrast is a driving force, and when the time comes….