The Ether

This blog has been silent, and I can not really say why.

It has been a year of keeping busy punctuated by heavy levels of ambiguity. And I find myself wondering: is this the kind of ether to expect in the in-between on projects here and hereafter?

Nevertheless, I did manage to chronicle parts of my adventures in Peru as a young explorer for National Geographic ( Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be among such inspiring company. And I had a fantastic time investigating a geothermal phenomenon in the Amazon. From Werner Herzog and beyond, I think shooting a film in Peru is a right of passage of sorts. Into what I can not yet say. More on all this soon.

Regarding the ether – that creative dead zone one travels through between projects – I think it is actually more of an excuse than an explanation. That is to say, it is non-existent. Scientists of the late 19th/early 20th century had proposed the existence of an unknown field  to explain the propagation of light waves through space. The “ether,” as they called it, was an assumption through and through.

I’ve been reading Einstein by Walter Isaacson, which chronicles the life story of that whimsical theorist. It is a timely book, as I will very soon be the age at which Einstein proposed special relativity. Insightful to read about his ambitions, frustrations and wit.

Special relativity ended the argument for the existence of an ether, and with it the notion of any single frame of reference. I propose that the same applies for the propagation of a calling or career.


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